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Rombus WordPress Theme is a great paid wordpress theme which is fastest, powerful and responsive. It has all modern features to powerful any WordPress blog. It takes a lot time to build this powerful premium WordPress theme. We already have 2 active WordPress Child Theme, 1 in work progress and 2 has to come soon.

This premium wordpress theme started for own need but after a lot time spending on this theme, its become a powerful theme which is suitable for all type of blogs. Now you can buy it for your blog/website/business site. Its loaded with very nice features which everyone want in his theme.

Features of Rombus Premium WordPress Theme

speedFastest Speed

This theme has feature to power your wordpress blog like rocket speed. We used non-blocking technic to avoid much loading time, use cache plugin to give more speed. It score 96 out of 100 average in GTmetrix, YSlow, Pingdom and PageSpeed tool.



seoSearch Engine Optimization

It is on-page optimized wordpress theme, also responsive and non-blocking feature will give it power to be better search engine optimized website/blog. Its all type of device compatible and has structured data.



customizeEasy Customization

In this theme customization is very easy for each part of theme like header, color, menu, search, template, typo etc. Theme has special infoboxs, buttons, icons etc and editor has special TinyMCE buttons for shortcode and content.



responsiveAll Device Compatible

Its a Responsive designed wordpress theme which fit into all type of screen size device. It fit even smaller device like Apple Watch, if it has browsing facility. Its all browser friendly and device friendly theme.



colorColor Schemes

It preloaded with 7 type of color schemes from which one can be choose for website color. Also it has facility to assign any custom color for this wordpress template theme. In detail color can be customized from theme panel.






It gives power to show 5 type of email subscription with facility to collect emails and names it self instead of using paid service like mailchimp. Also user can allow to get web push notification for Google Chrome browser on desktop to mobile through Google Cloud Messaging. Finally user can send email and push through Rombus WordPress theme option panel.



This wordpress theme is paid/premium for these widgets mostly because it give more power to wordpress blog/website. It has widgets for Ads, Advance Post Block, Social Media, Subscription etc.



shortcodeShortcodes & TinyMCE

Rombus premium wordpress theme build with 10 fabulous shortcode for slider, gallery, buttons, infoboxes, tab, accordion, carousel, postloop, code block etc. User can easily insert these shortcode from TinyMCE buttons into post.



ui-uxUser Interface & User Experience

This rombus theme have great UI & UX. Control Panel is very user friendly to use and understand, page templates & popup nicely crafted for better user experience. And a lot other features related to UI & UX available.



featureOther Features

It supports RTL, Multi language and Ads Ready Place which not the least feature but it self these are most essential feature for any wordpress theme.




With this theme almost any plugins can be used as per knowledge. if any problem come, we will try to solve problem if we had issue from our side.




Still many feature left to tell, for more details go to Homepage of rombus. Even many hidden features are not mentioned like widget support multisite, sharing buttons for each image and few others.

Check out Rombus WordPress Child Themes – Rombus (Film), Rombus (Game) & Rombus (Gadget).

  1. Upload the downloaded zip to the /wp-content/themes/ folder from Appearance > Themes > Add New in WordPress admin panel.
  2. Activate the theme using Themes panel in WordPress admin.
  3. You can adjust necessary settings from “Rombus” or “Appearance” > “Theme Options” in WordPress admin panel.
v1.7.3 05-06-2018
  • Fixed bug in widgets for showing category (== to +=)
  • Fixed caption bug & gallery textcolor change in style.css
  • Changes to popup on exit in script.js
  • Fixed CSS bug in Menus (edit_custom_walker.php)
v1.7.2 20-10-2016
  • Added theme customization support for AMP enabled website
  • CodeMirror used in admin theme option page
v1.7.1 15-04-2016
  • Custom Logo feature added from WordPress 4.5 update
  • Subscription slidein toggle loop closed
  • Added offset to postloop shortcode
v1.7.0 05-04-2016
  • Different type of subscription form added
  • Facility to collect emails and send newsletter from Rombus Panel
  • Web Push Notification facility added
  • Send Push notification directly from Rombus Panel to push subscriber
v1.6.14 24-02-2016
  • Few CSS changed
  • Theme made child theme update friendly
v1.6.13 19-02-2016
  • Error fixed for Header CSS
  • Changes made related to wp_get_theme() function
  • Error fixed related to admin panel stylesheet
  • tag, taxonomy, date, archive, author template page changes
v1.6.12 14-02-2016
  • Changes made to validate CSS, JS, HTML and PHP
  • Resolved a function name error in loopajax
  • Auto height adjustment of loop item using javascript
  • Few changes made related to subscription
v1.6.11 31-01-2016
  • Shortcode error fixed
  • Widget display-on option code changed for better result
  • 2 new header style added
  • 1 new footer style added
  • Code changed for link post format
  • Scroll to top button added
  • On hover transition animate added
  • Custom icon facility added to menu item
  • Add special class to menu item feature added
  • List group and item shortcode added
  • On/Off feature for Recent post on home added
v1.6.0 30-12-2015
  • New Browser Notification added
  • New Header Type & Navigation Type added
  • Few changes to logo displaying facility
  • Bug fixed related to stripslashes with custom js
v1.5.0 23-12-2015
  • New Advance Post Block T6 added
  • New Code Syntax Highlighter shortcode with tinymce button added using CodeMirror
  • From blog, post_type & on single of post_type feature added to APB T1-T6, Most Popular Widget
  • post from post_type added to featured menu nav
  • GooglePlus share icon changed
  • Few CSS error fixed for widget on handheld devices
  • Font-Awesome 4.5.0 version updated
v1.3.7 04-12-2015
  • p, iframe CSS error fixed
  • title and description bug fixed in category archive
  • Almost all function name changed with rmbs_ initial
  • Bug fixed in widget functions
  • New MCE buttons added
  • Theme updated with structured data
  • postloop, carousel, youtubewithintro shortcodes added to rombus-shortcodes
  • Video intro\'s with YouTube video feature added
  • Carousel feature added to theme with help of OWL Carousel 1.3.3
  • Post format added to theme
  • Another post/page template added as Default NSC (default no side-content)
v1.2.0 13-10-2015
  • Final release (For Sell)
v1.1.5 30-09-2015
  • Few bug fixed and code secured from user
v1.1.4 25-09-2015
  • rombus-shortcodes used with include function instead TGM plugin installer
  • Icon only feature added to menu
  • A default html tag css added as Reset (based on chromium blink)
v1.1.1 14-09-2015
  • Few image optimized; with mootools change in location
v1.1.0 12-09-2015
  • Few other works completed; which left in v1.0.0, a final initial release
v1.0.4 01-09-2015
  • Few bug fixed; CSS, JS, PHP & Image mistake left with v1.0.0 cleared
v1.0.0 13-08-2015
  • Initial release

Will added soon.

Download free version of Rombus WordPress theme from here.

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